High Holidays

Our High Holy Days services will be streamed. Follow along with our TBS High Holy Day Machzor!

Rosh Hashanah Evening Service

Rosh Hashanah Evening Pt. 1

Rosh Hashanah Evening Pt. 2

Rosh Hashanah Morning Service

Rosh Hashanah Morning Pt.1

Rosh Hashanah Morning Pt. 2

Rosh Hashanah Morning Pt. 3

Rosh HaShanah Family Service


Mishkan HaNefesh YK

2021 HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICES – In Person and by Zoom


 Available for Non-Member Guests


Tickets for 2021 High Holy Day Services are limited and available to Jewish residents in the west valley who are not affiliated with a synagogue.  These tickets are for either in-person or Zoom participation.


If you would like to attend in person, you will need to provide the Temple office with a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination certificate (by email or US mail) or you may stop by the office and allow a staff member to view/verify your certificate.  


If you will not be attending in person, we invite you to participate in our services via Zoom.  You will be able to participate with us beginning with Selichot through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur by using your computer, tablet or smart phone, or listen via phone.


Whether you wish to attend in person or via Zoom, we would greatly appreciate your donation to help sustain us during this continued unusual time.  Any donation made for High Holy Day services may be applied to Temple membership, should you choose to become a member.  


To arrange for tickets or access to Zoom, contact the temple office at (623) 977-3240 between 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  To receive a ticket by mail, you will have to provide your vaccination certificate by August 27; after that date you will need to register at the temple office.  In all cases, reservations are required.


After registering with the Temple office, you will receive all the information you will need to view the service via Zoom.  This will enable you to connect, participate and enjoy the uplifting and beautiful services conducted by Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan and Cantor Baruch Koritan.




Although we don’t anticipate any changes in this schedule, if there are last minute

 changes they will be posted on the temple website: www.tbsaz.org 



Saturday, August 28

Selichot – 7:00 PM


Monday, September 6

Erev Rosh Hashanah – 7:00 PM


Tuesday, September 7

Morning Service – 10:00 AM

Family Service – 4:00 PM


Wednesday, September 8

Tashlich – 9:00 AM

At Sunland


Wednesday, September 15

Kol Nidre – 7:00 PM


Thursday, September 16

Yom Kippur Morning Service – 10:00 AM

Yiskor Service – 1:00 AM

Family Service – 4:00 PM

Afternoon Service – 4:30 PM

Neilah Service – 5:30 PM







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Religious School
Sun, 9:00am


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Fri, 6-7:00pm or by appointment
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